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Negri İtalya'ya Geri Döndü

Negri'nin İtalya'ya dönüşünü haber veren ingilizce e-posta metni, Temmuz 1997

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Subject: Speaking of Negri... (fwd)

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Subject: Speaking of Negri...

Those who haven't heard and are interested in Negri would be interested in this, from Reuters on the net:
Italian leftist icon faces jail after 14 year exile
02:18 p.m Jul 01, 1997 Eastern

ROME, July 1 (Reuter) - Toni Negri, an icon of the Italian left in the 1970s who was charged with inciting urban guerrilla violence, was jailed on Tuesday after voluntarily returning home from a 14-year exile in France.

``Here I am in this paradise,'' Negri told Italian senator Athos De Luca who visited him in Rome's high-security Rebibbia prison where he was taken after arriving at Fiumicino airport.

Negri was re-arrested on charges of fomenting violence and inciting the 1978 kidnapping and murder of former prime minister Aldo Moro by the leftist urban guerrilla group Red Brigades.

``I'm smiling because jail is hard but also exile, after 14 years, had become hard. I am happy to see Italy's skies again,'' De Luca quoted Negri as saying.

Negri was first arrested in 1979 in the northern city of Padua, where he was a university professor teaching political science.

With his thin, intense face, mop of curly hair and his firebrand lectures, Negri became a symbol for Italian radicals and students in the turbulent 1970s.

He spent four years in jail but was freed in 1983 after the Radical Party put him forward as a candidate for parliament. He was released from jail because of parliamentary immunity laws. Parliament lifted his immunity later that year, paving the way for a possible re-arrest. Negri fled on the same day to France, where he resumed his teaching and continued his political activism.

He told reporters on the plane from Paris that he was returning to face jail because he wanted to close a chapter on one of the most violent periods of Italian history.

Negri was sentenced in his absence to 12 years in jail on charges of inciting the murder of a police officer. Because of legal technicalities, he is not expected to spend more than four years in jail.


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